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Testing 4.0: Crowdtesting Specialist Testbirds Integrate Cloud Services into Portfolio


This realignment of services is supported by a new round of investment

Munich, 22/02/2016 – The IT service provider, Testbirds, which has so far been known for its crowdsourced software testing services, has realigned its portfolio under the slogan: “Testing 4.0- The Next Generation of Quality”. In the past two years, its services have been continuously ex-tended with new developments such as numerous cloud based technologies that support businesses in the optimisation of their software’s user-friendliness and functionality. To successfully undertake these internal developments, all solutions and tools offered by Testbirds will be united on one platform. Testbirds has convinced the well-known Venture Capitalists EXTOREL, b-to-v and Seventure Partners to invest two million euros into its business model and strategic repositioning.


Testbirds Receives Investment in the Millions


EXTOREL, b-to-v and Seventure invest in the expansion of the testing specialists

Munich, 18/02/2016 – Testbirds, one of the world’s leading service providers of innovative software testing solutions has recently received an investment in the amount of two million euros. The IT service provider was able to secure the venture capital company EXTOREL by the successful entrepreneur Falk F. Strascheg and the worldwide operating venture capitalist b-to-v Partners as new investors. In addition, the acclaimed French VC Company Seventure Partners, who previously invested in Testbirds in 2014, have once again joined the investment round, maintaining their position as primary investor. The acquired capital will be mainly used for extending the service portfolio and expanding to new target markets.


Leading crowdsourcing companies present self-imposed Code of Conduct


Better working conditions for a new form of employment

Munich, 09/07/2015 - The famous crowdsourcing providers: clickworker, Streetspotr and Testbirds have jointly drawn up a code of conduct with the support of the German Association of Crowdsourcing, which should govern future cooperation between pro-viders, clients and crowdworkers. The code of conduct was presented for the first time to the public on the 8th of July, 2015 as a part of a panel discussion with representa-tives from the economic, scientific and labour sector. The aim is to complement current legislation that establishes a set of general guidelines which make crowdworking a new form of working, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved. The Code of Conduct is readily available and open for signatures to all interested companies. In addition, it will be continuously developed as required. For in-depth information please refer to:


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